Renewable Energy Powers 100% of Greek Energy for First Time

One hundred percent of the energy required to power the country of Greece was renewable for the first time ever. In a recent article reported by Euronews Green, renewable energy accounted for all of Greece’s generated power for five hours. A combination of solar, wind and hydro power proved to be effective in keeping the lights on in Athens. Greece is also expanding its power grid to try to increase its capacity in preparation for the transition to renewable energy. This is just another example of the amazing potential that renewable energy has to alter our dependence on fossil fuels.

As more countries begin to realize that fossil fuel resources will not sustain us forever, they will see the need to establish renewable energy in order to prepare for the future. Summit Energy applauds these efforts by Greece and other countries all over the world who understand the power that renewable energy has to change the world. In New England, many homeowners and businesses are also making the transition to renewable energy for the same reasons.

People understand the limitations of fossil fuels, not to mention the cost. Summit Energy is here to help our friends and neighbors in New England navigate the transition to renewable energy. Nothing lasts forever as we all know. Fossil fuels have been powering the world for years and they are rapidly depleting. The time is now to make the change to renewable energy with solar panels for your new home or business. Summit Energy looks forward to meeting the renewable energy demands of our New England friends and neighbors now and in the future.

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