Can’t find someone to service your solar system?


Summit Energy’s Performance+ Service Plan can help.


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Summit Energy, one of the Northeast region’s premier solar installers, now offers you up to a 5-year service plan. The Summit Energy Performance+ Service Plan is designed to give you peace of mind, knowing your system’s performance is being monitored 24/7. If we find your system is not operating at its optimal performance, we will get you back to Performance+.

*System Health Check and Monitoring Setup Required

Performance+ Membership


  • 24/7 active monitoring.
  • Unique system profile report.
  • Technical support hotline.
  • Discounts on service visits, system upgrades, and other services.
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To qualify as a member of our plan, to protect you, your solar installation requires a full system health check. 

Here’s What Your Membership Plan Includes 

24/7 Active Monitoring of System

Our plan includes active monitoring of your solar system while enrolled in the plan. We will monitor the system on a weekly basis through the system’s monitoring portal software to ensure your system is operating at its optimum performance.

Proactive Outreach

Our team monitors common alerts and symptoms that could lead to on-site failures, underperformance, or key indicators that could lead to both. Our goal is to never have you get a surprise utility bill due to a product failure. 

Lower Service Costs for Members

As a member of this plan, you’ll receive discounted service rates for common repairs

Reduced Pricing for New Products and Upgrades

The knowledge we’ve received through your system health check allows us to provide smart pricing. Nobody knows your system better than we do!

Monthly Solar Accessory News

You will receive monthly communications about solar accessories that can make your system and home more energy efficient.

Member Discounts

Exclusive Discounts and Offers On


  • System removal and reinstallation 
  • Roof replacement
  • Animal and pest protection
  • Cellular communications replacement
  • Renewable energy credit meter replacements

Smart Pricing On Accessories

Sign up for your Full System Health Check!

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