DOE Launches 20 Million Dollar Initiative to Develop Solar Energy Industry

The Department of Energy is committed to developing the solar energy industry in the United States as evidenced in a recent article. The Cadmium Telluride Accelerator Consortium will make solar cell products more accessible and affordable in America. This will create jobs by increasing manufacturing and maintain our standing in foreign markets. They recognize the need for energy dependence as we do at Summit Energy, one of the fastest growing solar companies in MA. We support efforts like these to make solar energy products that we can all afford.

The Solar Energy Technologies department provides funding for research and development, which is more evidence of the commitment we are making to become less dependent on electricity. Recent Department of Energy reports suggest that more needs to be done to expand domestic production of solar panels which is why this initiative is so important. This collaboration between the universities, solar companies and labs will be a crucial step in establishing solar energy as a viable alternative to the ever- increasing issues with our dependence on electricity.

Summit Energy, among other Massachusetts solar companies, supports efforts like these to further establish solar energy as a viable alternative to electricity because we understand the limitations that we are faced with regarding a failing system that is unreliable and expensive. Make the change to solar energy to power your home or business and get on board with a new era in solar energy research and development. Summit Energy prepares you for the inevitable future of solar in Massachusetts, America and beyond. As solar power becomes a part of the mainstream, the balance of supply and demand could be an issue so the time to make the change is now!

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