Electricity Prices Increasing Unevenly Across New England

Residents in New Hampshire & Massachusetts have surely noticed that electricity is much more expensive these days, while other neighboring states have not seen as much of an increase. Reliance on fossil fuels like natural gas is to blame, which accounts for over half of the electricity in New England. Natural gas was seen as a cheap alternative to burning coal and oil, but we are now realizing it is not sustainable. Covid also slowed the economy, adding to decreased production of gas and oil. Colder than usual weather has also complicated the issue as well as the war In Ukraine. As the demand increases and the supply decreases, we are headed for problems unless we start converting to solar energy.

We are in store for another energy crisis soon. Complicating the matter is the fact that people in New England have difficulty getting gas and oil because we are at the end of the pipeline. This creates more demand which increases prices depending on the number of customers and how easy it is to get the electricity to them. Some states are offering financial help so people can invest in energy alternatives like solar panels to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Solar Panels in MA – A “Hot Ticket” to reduced energy exepense

MA solar panels installer Summit Energy supports these efforts to convert to solar and other types of renewable energy. It just makes sense to explore viable options, especially with the rising cost of electricity and limited supplies of natural gas. The problem may get worse before it gets better, so the time is now to convert to solar power. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always ready to discuss your specific situation to find a plan that works best. It’s time to make the transition to renewable energy with Summit Energy.

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