Loans Now Available for Rising Cost of Utilities

Summit Energy understands the rising cost of electricity and so does Service Credit Union, who is offering loans to help people with the rising cost of utilities. With Covid and the war in Ukraine shaking the economy, the cost for essential utilities like oil, gas and electricity continues to increase with no end in sight. New England based utility rate hikes over the past year have especially affected local home owners and businesses, who are having more trouble paying the bills. For instance, Service Credit Union has set up a special loan program for anyone who needs help with the rising cost of utilities. Summit Energy, one of the fastest growing solar companies in MA, also supports reducing the cost of utilities by offering solar energy as a viable alternative.

Solar Panels in MA, NH, & Across New England: The Smart Choice for Today’s Homeowner

There are several advantages to converting to solar energy. You won’t have to worry as much about the cost of utilities and you will be protecting the environment. Many of our MA solar programs require no initial investment, and we offer excellent financing options to go along with the federal tax credits available. With solar panels, your home will be powered naturally and you will be doing your part to lessen the financial burden of trying to keep pace with the rising cost of utilities.

It just makes sense to convert to solar energy in MA, NH and all over New England. There is no time like the present while utility costs are rapidly increasing and tax credits have also increased. After you talk with Service Credit Union about their new program to help people pay their electric bills, send a copy of your most recent electric bill to Summit Energy – we will show you a proposal that will likely change your life forever with solar panels adorning your roof. Your worries about the rising cost of electricity will fade away, along with your expensive electric bill. It is comforting to know there is help out there thanks to the environmentally friendly people at Summit Energy.

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Empowering your space with solar

Summit Energy offers a wide range of cost-effective solar energy solutions. We work with homeowners and businesses to help them reduce their energy bills, while also reducing their carbon footprint.