Highlighting our Solar Partners- Meet Sunnova!

Sunnova Energy International Inc. (NYSE: NOVA) is a leading U.S. residential solar + battery storage service provider headquartered in Houston, Texas, and has been in business since 2012.

We proudly partner with Sunnova on installations of their Sunnova SunSafe® Solar Panels and Battery Storage to keep you running when you need it most.

Did you know that during a power outage, your solar system will not work unless you have a battery?

In the event of a utility power outage, Sunnova SunSafe™’s smart technology automatically detects when to switch from solar energy to stored energy, and will continue producing and storing back-up energy when the electric grid goes down.

How Sunnova +SunSafe® works:

  1. During the day, solar panels turn sun rays into energy.
  2. The solar energy travels through your inverter to make the energy usable for your home.
  3. Your solar energy powers your home.
  4. Excess solar energy will charge your battery or be sent to your utility for net metering, if eligible. Your battery will be charged before any solar energy goes to your utility.

Note: Your nighttime power will depend on your battery configuration. In most instances, you’ll be using a combination of battery energy and grid electricity.

Why Invest in solar add-on battery storage?

  • Reduce the electricity you get from your utility. Power your home with the solar energy stored in your battery
  • During a power outage, your battery can power your most needed lights and appliances
  • Get protection from “Peak Rates” if you live in a market with time of use (TOU) rates. Your battery will be configured to automatically protect you from peak rates and maximize your net metering credits

Want to know more about how Sunnova +SunSafe® can help you manage your energy needs? We’d love to help. Give us a call today at 888-578-6648. We can design the right solar + battery system for your home.  There’s no pressure, and no commitments needed.  As an authorized Sunnova Partner, we can simply go over options and be here to answer any questions you may have.

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