Why this Olympic Stadium Will Soon be Covered in Solar Panels

How and why London Stadium is trying to redefine the relationship between carbon emissions and sporting events.

Soccer and Solar

Britain’s iconic London Stadium will soon undergo a months-long construction project to coat the roof of the building in solar panels, according to the BBC. Originally specifically built for the 2012 Summer Olympics, this stadium has become synonymous with forward-looking transformations that have helped blend it into the social fabric of its surrounding community.

This most recent project will cost an estimated £4 million over the next two years but is expected to pay for itself after five years. According to the stadium’s owner, the London Legacy Development Corporation, the stadium should be able to start generating energy by the end of 2024. The London Stadium’s investment is part of a larger commitment by the city to be fully carbon-neutral by 2030.

Back Across the Pond

Though most Americans don’t have an Olympic stadium in their backyard, 2023 has seen an increased amount of household investments in solar in the states as well. This is because there has literally never been a better time to get into solar than right now.

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