What’s Up With All The ”Free Solar Panel” Ads?

Learning how to effectively produce solar energy is part of the answer to saving our natural resources and protecting the environment long term. Few disagree that solar energy is a good idea, but they may not realize how it all works. Some people are intrigued by all the “free solar panel” ads that surface, because everyone knows that nothing in life is free. Even though these misleading ads may create interest, it’s important to know that everyone will either pay for their solar panels or the electricity they generate. What do the companies running these ads hope to accomplish? They hope you are curious enough to call them, of course. However, a better idea would be to call Summit Energy, a company you can trust who doesn’t sugar coat anything. The question still remains though. What is the “Free Solar Panels” campaign all about and what is the catch?

What does “Free Solar Panels” mean?

While there might be no down payment required, you will likely either be leasing your solar panels in a “Free Solar Panels” offer, or under a long-term solar power purchase agreement. While we offer power purchase agreements, we do not promote them as “free” or “no cost” because doing so is misleading. Like with anything else, there are positives and negatives to these types of agreements and we want our customers to understand this. Under a power purchase agreement, while you might not pay for the solar panels themselves, you must still pay for the power they produce. Often people are surprised when they get the first bill from their energy company, and feel they were duped. This is exactly why we do not advertise this.

Why “Free Solar Panels” aren’t really free.

Typically, “Free Solar Panel” ads offer 0% down as a way of enticing buyers who are then enrolled in a leasing program in which the solar company owns the panels and receives the federal, state and local incentives. It’s similar to renting solar panels and benefitting from the cheaper power they produce, but never actually owning the system. You are committed to a set payment term as well, so it is always wise to research all the details of the solar panel agreement.

Work with Summit Energy for your solar panel installation

Summit Energy understands the process and we explain it in a way that makes sense. We are up front right from the beginning with all the details and we guide each customer through the process step by step so you always know where you stand. We explain all the government incentives for choosing solar panels and how they will be incorporated into your power purchase agreement. The “no down payment” is real but should in no way indicate free, because you will be billed for the electricity. You can choose whether to rent or own your solar panels and we are always ready to work with you to find the best solar plan to fit your needs. We also explain how choosing solar panels really does save you money overall as compared to your electricity bill, and the energy produced is from natural resources so you’ll be doing your part for the environment.

Summit Energy Does Solar Right

Summit Energy is committed to providing the best in solar energy because Summit Energy does solar the right way. Our solar power systems are built to last and able to tolerate even the toughest weather conditions. Getting an estimate is the first step to making the transition to solar power. You’ll sleep better knowing you’re doing your part for the environment and reducing the need to be dependent on manmade electricity. You’ll have the chance to choose the solar panels that will be most effective and look the best to really give your home contemporary curb appeal. Take the leap into the world of solar panels for your home and let Summit Energy lead the way. A major decision will be whether to buy your solar panels or choose a power purchase agreement. We explain everything in detail and are always ready to answer questions, so you always know where you stand. We also make sure that you are aware of all the factors involved in your agreement so there are never any surprises. You’ll have plenty of time to review the details before making a final decision. Remember, solar energy helps you and the rest of the world reduce the environmental damage that non-renewable energy causes every day. We at Summit Energy stand by our commitment to the core values that we have set for ourselves. We never advertise our systems as free just to get your attention. At Summit Energy we work to empower people to create a better tomorrow with sustainable energy you can afford. Keeping things simple and always being transparent means no surprises for our customers. We build trust by explaining every process along with possible obstacles and limitations. You always know the facts. Our skilled, experienced team relentlessly approaches every challenge with integrity and determination because that is what gets results. We’re not afraid to meet a challenge because every situation is different, so we always take a positive approach to each task. Summit Energy is committed to bringing you excellent service after the sale too. We don’t forget about you and we answer our phone! Knowing that your renewable energy provider is always there when you need them gives you the peace of mind you are looking for. We don’t need gimmicks or misleading advertising to get your attention. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Get started sooner, not later

We are a society that sometimes pushes important things aside because we don’t want to deal with them. With all the challenges we have been faced with over the past years, it is comfortable to stick with the status quo but looking at reality paints a different picture. We know that our non-renewable energy resources are being depleted rapidly. The grid is old and overworked. Renewable energy is the answer and waiting only makes the problem worse. The power of the sun beaming towards your new and beautiful solar panels will provide ample natural energy for your home. We realize it is not free and we know you know that. You can now ignore all those “free solar panels” ads because you know the truth. “No money down” doesn’t mean free. It is as simple as that. Get started now with powerful solar energy from Summit Energy, so that you can work with a company who cares about their customers and delivers excellence every time. You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood and probably hosting a few more barbecues, because everyone is going to want to know who installed your new solar panels. First, you can tell them that they weren’t free, but they were certainly worth it! The more people who are convinced that solar energy is the wave of the future, the more we can protect our environment by using natural energy to fuel the world.

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