Top 10 Sunsational Cities Using the Most Solar Energy

Solar power has seen a significant growth spurt in the United State over the past 10 years. This is especially evident in areas with dense populations. Slowly but surely, people are becoming solar in America.

Although some cities are slow to get on board, many largely popular and populated are leading the way in solar energy and change.

1. Honolulu, HI

Honolulu is a leader in solar power installation with the highest per capita rate installed. Almost 1 in every 8 Honolulu residents have solar power.

2. Los Angeles, CA

California is the state leading the way in solar power. Los Angeles is only one California city with a high number of solar rooftop panels. Otherwise known as the sunshine state, California is a top proponent for solar energy.

3. Indianapolis, IN

Even though Indianapolis isn’t known for its sunshine, it’s one of the top cities utilizing solar power. This proves significant days and amounts of sunshine don’t dictate the impact solar power can have on a city.

4. San Diego, CA

Another California city soaking up the rays is San Diego. Experiencing 266 days of sunshine on average per year, San Diego is one of the top-ranking cities in solar power usage.

5. Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix is another city that sees a considerable amount of rays throughout the year. This city takes full advantage of the sunshine by utilizing solar power and helping the residents save money.

6. San Jose, CA

Rounding out the list of California cities that utilize solar power, San Jose also sees plenty of sunny days. Even though this city is already leading the way in solar power, it’s only tapped into its solar energy potential. Expect to see even more growth come from California.

7. Denver, CO

Out of 69 cities surveyed across the United State, Denver ranked in the top 10 for solar energy use. Since 2015, the city has doubled its solar power usage and it only continues to grow, dubbing it a solar star.

8. Wilmington, DE

Like Denver, Wilmington has been named a solar star in the solar energy world. Wilmington has more solar panels installed than any other city in the South Atlantic region of the United States. With its commitment to solar power backed by the city’s leadership, you’re sure to see Wilmington’s solar influence grow.

9. Newark, NJ

Even though Newark has significantly less solar power potential than some of the other top cities, it still leads the way for the Northeast in solar energy. As more and more solar panels pop up over the city, Newark residents’ interest in the environment continues to grow.

10. San Antonio, TX

Thanks to its size and constant sunshine, Texas is another leader in solar power. It’s also made its mark in the race to clean energy with contributions coming from wind energy production. Unlike other large states, San Antonio experiences lower than average electricity costs.

How to Go Solar in America

Going solar in America is a growing trend. Not only is it becoming increasingly more popular, but it contributes to the health of the Earth. Many cities are committing to support renewable energy and encouraging its residents to get onboard.

Learn more about social energy and how you can help contribute to the overall wellbeing of the Earth.

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