How Do Solar Panels Survive Harsh Weather?

When considering solar panel installation, you may wonder how they will hold up in adverse weather conditions. Many know that solar panels reduce both carbon footprint and electricity costs, but don’t know that solar panels are very durable.

Built to Last

Solar panels for homes are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, including extreme temperature changes and storms with heavy rain, snow and wind.

The key to long lasting solar panels is proper installation. It is essential to have the solar installation done by professional Massachusetts solar installers. When correctly installed solar panels provide a protective barrier extending the life of your roof.

What About Extremely Severe Storms?

While solar panels can withstand most snow storms, two extreme storm events, hurricanes and large hail, may cause damage to your solar panels.

Most panels are strong enough to withstand hailstorms, most of the time. Extreme storms with quick bursts of rapidly falling large hail, often only result in damage to one or two panels. Smaller solar panels tend to be more durable in these conditions with less damage than large ones.

Powerful hurricanes may cause panels to be dislodged in the extreme wind, but otherwise go undamaged. Extensive rain and flooding can increase the risk of water damage to solar panels. Regular inspection and resealing of solar panels on your home prevents this type of water damage.

Protecting the Roof Against Weather Events

Harsh weather events can cause damage to your roof. Installing high-quality solar panels can provide an extra layer of protection against the natural elements. Panels can help your roof last longer, which makes them worth the investment and increases the value of your home.

When considering the investment in this method of clean energy the weather shouldn’t be a concern, because high-quality solar panels are built to withstand the storms.

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