Are you considering harnessing the power of solar energy by installing solar panels on your property? Congratulations on taking a step towards a greener and more sustainable future! Here, we will guide you through the process of solar panel installation with Summit Energy, helping you understand what to expect and how to prepare.

Assessing Your Needs:

Before embarking on a solar panel installation, it’s crucial to determine your energy needs. Analyze your average monthly energy consumption to understand how many solar panels you’ll need to generate sufficient electricity. Consider factors like the size of your property, the available roof space, and your budget. Check our Solar Savings Calculator if you want a free estimate of your savings by going solar.

Site Assessment and Design

You decided to go solar! Now, we have to make sure your home or commercial business is suitable for solar panels. We will schedule a date to take measurements and analyze factors like the angle of your roof, shading issues, and the direction of sunlight. Based on this assessment, a customized solar panel design will be created to maximize energy generation. If your roofing needs adjustments or maintenance to be suitable for solar panels, our friends from Peak Roofing can help us with roof preparation and ensure the condition of your roof is optimal for the installation.

Permitting and Paperwork

Don’t worry, we’ll handle everything about permissions and documentation. We’ll submit a permit application with the Town or City and submit the interconnection application with the utility provider. Note that this step takes from 15 to 40 days to be completed.

Installation Day

On the scheduled installation day, our technicians will arrive at your property with all the necessary equipment. They will carefully install the solar panels on your roof, connecting them to your electrical system. The installation process typically takes one to three days, depending on the complexity of the project.

Inspection and Maintenance

Congratulations, your solar panel installation is complete! To ensure optimal performance, we’ll make an inspection process to make sure everything’s working as expected with the building and electrical inspectors.


Once the inspection is complete, all the necessary documentation will be submitted to the utility company for meter installation and approval to turn on the solar system.

Now, you have your brand-new solar panels! By understanding what to expect and how to prepare, you can make the most of this renewable energy solution. Here at Summit Energy, we make sure to guide you and ensure the best solutions for your situation. Remember to check out our Solar Savings Calculator if you want to know about how much you can save by going solar get your free estimate to secure your future investment, and get your Free Quote to know exactly how much it would cost to start your solar journey. Star with one of the most recognized solar companies in Massachusetts!