Future-Proof Your Home from Electrical Grid Outages

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As energy becomes more expensive across the country and population density increases, the stress on existing electrical grids is something that every homeowner should be concerned with.

The practice of rolling blackouts have traditionally been an area-specific threat. However, a general increase in electrical grid operative costs combined with the additional supply chain deficits we face from the COVID-19 outbreak are presenting some very real concerns to sustained energy production.

Even with the heightened level of awareness of California’s practice of rolling blackouts which dominated news cycles the past couple of summers, the expectation is that the problem will continue unabated and possibly get worse.

To think that these threats are only applicable to California is a mistake. To make matters more serious, the virus-safety measures we are experiencing are creating additional strains on powerplants nationwide.

Fortunately, the technology behind solar energy has increased significantly over the past decade.  The reality of going net-zero on your energy bill is a very real option for many homeowners as battery/storage technology have seen major breakthroughs in just the last couple of years alone.

If you haven’t been keeping up on what you can actually do with new battery technology, you’re in for a treat!

Most people we talk with about adding solar to their home are under the impression that running their home on 100% battery power means; some lights, maybe a router, possibly watching tv for a couple of hours, and that’s about it.  But that isn’t the case at all. A solar panel array conjoined with a high-capacity battery-based storage system can eliminate all short-term brown outs.  That’s pretty much a given and most people aren’t too surprised by this.  Here’s where things get interesting; an extended battery system can now offer full functionality of your home …. over many days.

For example, the newer Tesla Battery Wall 2 home storage units are capable of producing a continuous output of 5 Kilowatts.  For reference, that means one Power Wall 2 can run your entire home with lights, TVs, computers, accessories, etc.  As more batteries are added, not only does the time you can use equipment go up, the load capacity goes up from there as well.

The recommended amount of Power Wall units will differ depending on the size and energy consumption needs of your home, but even large homes can run solely on battery power for a significant period of time.

Let’s get down to the details of what this means.

The most common Tesla Battery Wall array typically consists of two units.  This bumps the continuous output to 7.5 kilowatts.  With this setup, here’s what you can do if you live in a 2000 sqft home and lose power for 2 FULL days.

  • Use your standard lights
  • Keep your refrigerator on
  • Brew coffee each morning
  • Use your toaster
  • Charge your phone
  • Charge your laptop
  • Play Xbox
  • Watch TV
  • Power your WiFi router
  • Run a load of clothes through your washer
  • Dry your clothes with your dryer

In essence, you wouldn’t even know you’re on battery power! Now, depending on how extensive your solar array is, you may be able to get even more useable time out of your system as well.

With solar technology having come this far, and with the uncertainty going on with how well our power grid is going to perform over the coming years, now really is the perfect time to invest in solar.

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