5 Things You Didn’t Know About Home Solar Panels

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1. Home Solar Panels – Temperature Is Irrelevant

Often when people talk about solar energy, we see images of a hot, barren landscape with nothing but solar panels. This has led to a misconception that home solar panels are only effective in hot areas, but that’s not true!

In fact, along with being able to get solar installations in Boston, you can have home solar panels put anywhere in the world where sunlight is abundant! Solar panels are just as effective in the coldest parts of our planet as on facilities like International Space Station. Placement of solar panels in areas like the Arctic or Antarctic create continual solar power generation during the summer months.

2. Einstein Helped Develop the Technology

Albert Einstein didn’t just give science and civilization the theory of relativity; he laid the groundwork for solar power. In 1905, Einstein wrote a paper explaining the photoelectric effect. That same paper won a Nobel Prize in 1921. Although it took decades for his theories to be proven, the photoelectric effect was eventually achieved in photovoltaic, or solar cells.

3. Germany & Italy Are Solar Leaders

Despite the considerable size of the United States, it is actually Germany and Italy who are leaders in this solar race. Between the two of them, these European Union members create over half of the solar power generated today! The United States continues to step up efforts, but it’s not a leader yet.

4. It’s Getting Cheaper

Like computers that used to be extremely expensive and required an entire warehouse, solar power is coming down in cost and size. Home solar panels are becoming cheaper and more efficient to use, and the cost of manufacturing and installing them is also going down. And they will likely continue to lower.

5. They Don’t Require Sunny Days

Solar technology means that home solar panels in MA, simply require sunlight. But that doesn’t mean that they will only work on sunny days. While direct sunlight, on a cloudless day creates the most solar energy, even during cloudy days, solar panels can still generate power.

Today you learned a few new things about the history, present and future of solar energy. The conditions needed to produce solar energy and how affordable home solar panels are becoming for residential and business properties!