Report Finds Massachusetts Has Ample Solar Power Potential

A new report published by the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources concluded that the state has more than enough potential solar energy to meet the requirements of its decarbonization targets set by state laws. The report shows that the state’s technical solar potential is estimated at 506 GW, 15 to 18 times more than the amount needed to meet decarbonization goals by 2050. The study identified highly suitable ground-mounted solar parcels that alone could support up to double the amount of solar capacity required by the middle of the century. The report found that the state’s rooftop solar potential could generate 40 GW of power, with canopy installations having the least potential. However, the researchers warn that policy must be carefully developed in a manner that addresses the concerns of conservationists and limits tree clearings and critical habitats.

The State Needs to Increase its Annual Solar Installations

The study shows that Massachusetts needs to triple or quadruple its current annual rate of solar installations to meet its decarbonization goals and estimates that between 27 and 34 GW of solar energy would be required in 2050. The state has developed solar capacity at a rate of about 0.3 GW per year over the past five years and needs to increase this rate to 1 to 1.3 GW per year to reach its 2050 goal. The report found that the state installed 1.283 GW of solar capacity between January 2018 and August 2022.

Overcoming Local Opposition

While increasing solar development has been identified as a priority, local opposition can present a barrier to achieving state solar goals. There have been debates pitting clean-energy supporters against conservationists who oppose solar installations in their towns, citing counterintuitive actions like cutting down trees or covering open land. However, the report found areas that are suitable for development by taking into consideration agriculture use, carbon dioxide emissions, critical environmental concerns, proximity to electric infrastructure, and other potential barriers.

The Future of Solar Energy in Massachusetts is Bright

The report is promising news for the state as it presents an opportunity to aggressively pursue its solar policy while balancing land use priorities and protecting natural resources. However, policy development must take place in parallel with making sure critical habitats are not impacted and land conservation goals are achieved. By meeting these objectives, the state can build the necessary clean energy infrastructure needed to reach a net-zero carbon-emitting economy by 2050.

Residential and Commercial Solar Panel Installation in Massachusetts

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