Renewable Energy is Here to Stay and Solar is the Best Way to Achieve it

The term “Renewable Energy” has gone from a buzz word idea, to a very realistic assertion and measurable goal of society at large. Renewable energy helps everyone, even those that haven’t taken measures to adopt it quite yet. The bottom line is that renewable energy is more affordable and achievable than ever before and solar energy is the driving force behind not only the mindset of renewable energy, but much of the legislation currently driving it as well.

By striving for energy independence in your own home, you not only help your family, you help your neighbors as well by alleviating the need for additional energy production at the local power company level.  The stress of current electrical grids is a growing concern and attenuating the need for energy by an individual home by 20%, 50%, or even past 100% in that your home is actually producing energy for the grid, is a measurable benefit to everyone on the grid.

That said, the pursuit of renewable energy via solar power in the modern day isn’t just something to feel good about, it also has very real-world benefits!

For starters, you can future-proof your electric bill. By producing your own energy and then storing it for when your home needs it most, you will see dramatic reductions in your energy consumption bills from the power company.  Be it by inflation or demand, you will face higher prices direct from your local power company moving forward into the future.  By investing in renewable energy and energy storage, you can essentially ‘lock in’ your overall monthly energy costs without worrying about where energy prices will be 3, 5, or even 10 years down the line.

Avoid brownouts and power outages: Brown outs, or temporary power drops, are a real threat for our already stressed electrical grids.  As population grows and both residential and commercial building increases, the likelihood of having to deal with this as a homeowner increases year over year. A battery backup system with solar panels ensures you won’t even notice those unintended dips.

Protect your home and families from planned (or even unplanned) electrical grid outages. This year in particular has seen national-level stories about over-used power grids and the reality of living through it. Many homeowners have been forced to purchase generators or simply suffer through having zero access to electricity for a week or two at a time.  This kind of operation is not what you imagine when you think of first-world power grids, but even residents of California which the largest state economy in the nation, have been forced to deal with planned blackouts/electrical outages.  Although running your entire home with all amenities would typically require a very large battery storage system, having a moderate battery storage system along with solar panels can offer a very realistic way of running some of your home’s most essential electrical needs and renewing that energy during the day via your panels, all without the need of adding a service-level manual transfer switch or gas-powered generators.

Avoid “peak” energy fees from the power company. Although widely in practice in many states, there are lots of homeowners that aren’t aware that they pay a variable energy cost dependent upon the time of day (or year) they use energy in their home.  This includes here in Massachusetts as well. “Off peak” and “On Peak” energy rates vary by location but essentially, you pay more money for using energy at times when energy use is highest.  For example, the hours between 5-9pm are higher usage since this is when many people get home from work and start cooking dinner, watching TV etc.

Here at Summit Energy Group, we crunch the numbers for you and help determine the best and most cost-effective way of installing solar in your home or business.  Give us a call today, we look forward to speaking with you and going over how easy it can be to start working towards a renewable energy plan that fits the needs of your family.

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