Sunlight bathes the Granite State, creating an abundant natural resource: solar energy. Recognizing its potential, New Hampshire’s government implemented policies and incentives so residents and businesses implement this clean, renewable power source. Let’s explore the key initiatives driving solar adoption in the state:

Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS): This policy mandates utilities to source some of their electricity from renewable sources, like solar. It fosters a stable market for solar energy, promoting its growth and affordability.

Net Metering: Homeowners with solar panels can return their excess power to the grid and receive credits on their bills. This significantly reduces energy costs and makes solar panels a more attractive investment.

Residential Renewable Electrical Generation Rebate Program: Rebates are available to residents who install solar panels, directly reducing upfront costs and making solar more accessible.

Property Tax Exemptions: Some New Hampshire municipalities offer exemptions for homes with solar panels installation, further incentivizing solar adoption.

Municipal Initiatives: Many New Hampshire towns and cities run solar programs, offering additional rebates, financing options, and educational resources.

Looking Ahead: New Hampshire continues to explore ways to support solar energy growth. Initiatives like community solar programs and streamlined permitting processes are being investigated to expand access and affordability.

Harnessing the Sun’s Power in Your Home: With these government incentives and abundant sunshine, installing solar panels in New Hampshire makes excellent financial and environmental sense. But navigating the options and maximizing benefits can be complex.

Partner with Summit Energy for a Bright Future:
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