Nearly all of South Australia powered by solar during day

New data coming out of South Australia shows that the state can operate almost completely on solar power during the day. Officials at the Australian Energy Market Operators reported that back in August, there were multiple days where the country had record-low operational demands for non-renewable energy. The country’s long-term investments in lowering emissions and increasing renewable energy production are paying off in big ways.

“Mild temperatures and high levels of rooftop solar penetration helped set a new […] winter minimum operational demand record,” the agency said. On August 28 — near the peak of Australia’s winter season — officials reported that grid-scale and rooftop solar accounted for over half of South Australia’s energy needs. Last winter was the first time that solar energy handled the majority of the state’s electrical demand, and this year’s new record shows that this is a continuing trend.

Summit is happy to be at the forefront of the solar revolution!

Along with our fellow solar companies in Massachusetts and New England, Summit Energy is excited to see that many regions across the world are recognizing the powerful capabilities of solar energy. When individuals, businesses, and governments work together, they can have truly outsized impacts from a local scale to a global one. South Australia’s recent success shows that both small and large-scale investments in solar infrastructure are massively important to changing what our future looks like.

At Summit Energy, we are excited to help you be a part of that change. Having already helped over 3,000 customers throughout the North East, we know how to help you efficiently make the switch to clean, renewable, affordable energy. Using our free Solar Savings Calculator, you can see how your own personal investment in solar will pay off in the short and long terms. Solar is not just the future anymore, it’s the present. And there’s no time like the present to make the change!

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