Measures Taken to Protect the Grid in Los Angeles

The need for solar power is now more crucial than ever. A recent Los Angeles Times article noted that power demand has increased to levels that require a Flex Alert to manage the system. A heat wave caused several generators to shut down and the alert asks consumers to conserve energy during the busiest time of day which is between 4-9 pm. There is increasing concern that the strain on the power grid stretches the “margin of capability” and could cause rolling blackouts and plant shutdowns if not brought under control.

Major wildfires in the area are adding to the problem and with increasing temperatures expected, officials are even more concerned. Dry vegetation, heat waves and drought complicate matters and wildfires are being contained even as the grid reaches its capacity. Staffing is also an issue as thousands of California firefighters are currently fighting active fires. Officials stress the importance of reducing power demand during the Flex Alert so the grid is not stretched to the limit, causing an outage which could be disastrous in the severe heat.

These types of problems exemplify the need for solar power. In a city like Los Angeles or any city, the strain on the power grid can lead to shutdowns and imminent disasters. The cost for converting to solar energy is worth it when you consider what the people in Los Angeles and other cities are going through with the problems described in the article. More people are realizing that alternative energy sources are the only way to build a more secure future.

Summit Energy is committed to making the transition to solar energy as easy as possible. Change can be challenging but when you see the limitations of the grid as evidenced in the article, there really is no other choice. Eventually, the grid will become a backup plan to a world powered by solar energy, saving money and the environment. The time is now to convert to solar energy and decrease our dependence on the overworked grid.

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