Massachusetts is one of the best states for Solar

Summit Energy Group – Massachusetts is one of the best states for Solar

We offer solar panel and battery backup services across multiple states and Massachusetts in particular offers some amazing incentives for equipping your home with solar.

What is the average cost of solar in Massachusetts?

First, let’s start with the energy costs facing Massachusetts residents.  Massachusetts has some of the highest energy/electrical costs in the nation.  Massachusetts is consistently in the top 10 states as measured by overall energy cost comparatively to the rest of the nation. Because of this, Massachusetts ends up being one of the best states in which to install solar in your home. It’s hard to average a total overall cost since there is so much variance between the size of the home, the existing roof materials/condition, the energy consumption amount and individual energy usage patterns. That said, if you look at the cost of electricity on a KWH basis, you can save up to half the cost of what you pay now per kilowatt-hour of energy consumed considering how high electricity costs are in Massachusetts.

For a more in-depth cost analysis, give us a call and we can cut right to the chase with some basic information from your electric bill, home size and usage.

Is my home eligible for solar in Massachusetts?

The short answer here is.. yes! A professionally-installed and integrated solar panel roof array helps lower the burden of centralized energy production.  In many cases, the solar power generated from your system turns your home from a net consumer of energy, to a net producer of energy. For a solar roof-mounted system, the only real limitation is size and condition of your roof.  This is something we can help with as our engineers can look specifically at your residence and ensure it is in good shape for adding solar panels.

What kind of tax-breaks or financial benefits are available for installing solar in Massachusetts?

One of the best aspects of installing solar in Massachusetts are the monetary benefits that come with it. The technology behind solar has become so good that Massachusetts localities and power companies WANT you to have solar associated with your home. Because of this, Massachusetts has pledged to be leaders in renewable energy.  On top of the federal tax credits and incentives, through the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, the Massachusetts government offers a program called SMART (Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target Program).  This program offers the unique opportunity to owners of solar systems to be compensated based on the amount of energy they put back into the power grid along with some other incentives as well.  This means that instead of “wasting” the energy you are producing when not needed, you can not only get a 1 to 1 credit on your energy bill, but you may also be able to make money on top of that.

How do I get started with adding solar to my Massachusetts home?

The easiest way is to give us a call at 888-578-6648! From configuring the perfect system for your needs, to pulling permits, final engineering and installation, we make adding solar to your Massachusetts home simple.

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