Are some states more friendly to solar energy?

There are several benefits to using solar energy. Going solar can help you reduce your carbon footprint, cut energy costs, and increase property value. From the perspective of a nation, improvements in the use of solar panels and other forms of solar energy can cut carbon pollution and fight climate change as well as creating jobs.

These benefits are being recognized by some states more so than others, but interest in solar energy is growing across the nation. And the states that are the most pro-solar aren’t necessarily the states with the most exposure to sunshine.

Leading Pro-Solar Energy States

  • Massachusetts – Cost-saving initiatives are available in this state, and Massachusetts solar installers help homeowners combat energy costs by setting up solar panels.
  • California – A solar panel roof is a frequent sighting in this state. It’s an ideal location for solar growth because of its high energy prices, progressive culture, and strong solar incentives.
  • South Carolina – With South Carolina’s great sunny weather, it’s a fantastic spot for solar energy systems. South Carolina also has seen huge solar installation increases, with about 144 megawatts installed to date.
  • Arizona  – Residents of Arizona benefit from tax subsidy at both state and federal levels. This makes solar panels much more affordable and keeps Arizona in the list of top pro-solar states.
  • Nevada  – The solar panel price in Nevada is one of the lowest in the nation. Incentive programs here keep the solar panel cost low, in spite of push back from public utility commissions./li>
  • Rhode Island – This state is quickly moving up the rankings as one of the top states to go solar. In recent years, it continues to become more attractive and rewarding for homeowners to use solar power
  • New Jersey – Although it’s not one of the sunniest states, New Jersey offers strong solar incentives to homeowners. It’s also one of the strongest states for solar job creation
  • Utah – Utah residents can participate in a net-metering program that allows homeowners with solar to receive credits on their electricity bill from the excess energy that they produce with their systems

Other states that encourage solar panel installation include New York, Hawaii, Colorado, and Texas. These states are in the process of growing their clean energy standards.

Solar Panel Installation to Save Energy and Money

Solar energy is clean energy, and solar panel installation saves on energy costs while contributing benefits to the environment. Pro-solar states are the leaders in recognizing the benefits of powering homes with clean, renewable energy. These states promote tapping into the true power of the sun’s potential.

You can begin to reduce your energy costs as well as your carbon footprint by finding solar panels for sale. There are solar energy solutions for every budget and every home. Solar solutions can be found  in every state even if your state isn’t one of the most pro-solar regions. When you install solar panels, you help to encourage discussion around sustainable living and how to achieve it, which will help grow the interest in solar power in your state.

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