Is Your Home Suitable for Solar Panels?

With the popularity of residential solar on the rise, you may have thought about adding a solar installation to your own home. If so, you’re not alone. Almost half of American homeowners have seriously considered switching to this source of renewable energy. While it’s a great option for many homes, not all are suited for this technology. Read on for what to look for to see if your home is a good fit for a solar.

1. Sun Exposure & Solar Power

Because solar panels utilize the sun to generate energy, they need to be placed where they will receive the most sun. Geography plays an important role in this as living in the northern hemisphere means the sun’s path travels across the southern sky. Thus, putting panels on a south or southeast facing roof is ideal to put them in contact with the most sunlight.

2. Roof Stability v.s. Solar Panels

In terms of installing solar, the newer the roof the better. This ensures your solar panels are supported and you won’t have to deal with removing the panels for repairs or a replacement down the road. Further, it is not recommended to install a system on shingle roofs older than 15 years.

Solar can be mounted on almost any type of roof including asphalt, metal, and rubber. And, our roofing division allows you to wrap your roof replacement into your solar purchase. This way, there’s no need to deal with multiple contractors, projects, and bills. It may even be eligible for tax credits as a part of your solar system.

3. Shading

We love trees. So much so, that we plant 3 with every installation and 10 if you leave us a review. But, we don’t love it when they block sunlight from getting to your roof. Some shade can be dealt with by a tree service, but too much won’t allow enough sunlight to hit the panels. Ground mounts are also an option if your roof is too shady and there are other sunny parts of your property.

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