Highlighting our Solar Partners – Meet Generac!

As a Generac Certified Installer, we wanted to give everyone some insight into what this means and why we chose to offer these solutions to our customers. Generac has been a leading name in generators and power resourcing for many decades. If you’ve ever shopped for a generator for just about any use, you’ve come across the Generac brand and know the quality they offer.

So what does a company specializing in, and synonymous with, generators have to do with solar panels and renewable energy? In short, it’s their new PWRcell home battery technology.  With an already recognizable and trusted name in the field of energy production, it was an easy decision to offer this technology in tandem with our solar panel solutions.

The Generac PWRcell batteries can be mounted in outdoor climates with their weather resistant mounting cabinets rated to withstand very cold weather (such as New England).  With customizable configuration options, your PWRcell system can be programmed for when and how much battery power is to be used in your home based on your family’s schedule.

Battery-powered home backup solutions that take full advantage of a home solar array is the future of renewable energy as it allows the maximum amount of solar energy produced by panels to be regulated, stored and available on-demand to your home as you need it.

Adding a Generac PWRcell energy storage system to your solar panel installation has many benefits:

  • Automatically transfer from grid power to battery power without the need of a manual transfer switch. With the ‘always on’ mindset of battery storage and PWRcell technology, you can be prepared for unplanned power outages or brownouts.
  • Monitor your energy consumption and battery usage in real time. See what times you use energy most so you can avoid ‘On Peak’ pricing and plan accordingly using the Generac PWRview smartphone app.  By tying directly into your battery system, you can control your energy usage directly from your phone.
  • By combining a PWRcell battery system with a solar panel array, you reduce your reliance on your local power company. If prices climb or if ‘On Peak’ hours change, you can be better prepared and avoid that higher peak pricing by adjusting how and when your battery power kicks in.
  • As a leader in power storage, Generac products are produced with the highest possible safety ratings ensuring the reliable and safe storage and transfer of electrical power to your home.

On top of those, Generac PWRcell systems also offer expandability to match your power consumption needs into the future.  Need to store more energy?  No problem, you can add more cells to your existing system.

If you’re looking for a rock-solid solar battery backup system that is expandable and safe, look no further.  As certified installers of Generac’s PWRcell system, our team at Summit Energy Group is ready to help you choose the perfect solar system for your home or commercial property.  From single family homes, to commercial buildings and vacation homes, solar power just makes sense and the Summit team has the answers.  Call us today!

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