France Mandates Large Parking Lots Be Covered With Solar Panels

In a recent electrek article, it was clear that solar energy is becoming the wave of the future. French President Emmanuel Macron designed a plan that makes it mandatory for all parking lots with eighty spaces or more to be covered with solar panels. The French senate approved the plan this week, and it is only part of a large-scale effort to make solar energy a priority. Time limits to complete the project have been set and commercial centers along with train stations are already making plans to comply with the new mandate. This could produce over eleven gigawatts to power homes across the country.

France is also working to use vacated land by roads and railways to build solar farms while providing the funds to make sure local people benefit from the plan. The rail service will also be covered with solar panels to reduce energy use by at least one quarter of what is now being used. Wind farms are a priority as well, with a commitment to reduce the time it takes to build them. Environmental protection is becoming a worldwide concern and measures like these set the tone for other countries to follow suit.

Summit Solar applauds these efforts by other countries who are committed to making the change to renewable energy not only a dream but a reality. The time is now for the rest of the world to follow suit and make a concerted effort to produce solar energy, so that everyone can enjoy a healthier environment and realize the benefits of energy that doesn’t deplete our natural resources. Join Summit Solar and their goal to make renewable energy a priority in the local community and beyond. It will save you money and protect our natural resources.

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