Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance

Whether you’ve already installed your solar panels or are still considering this as an option there are some basic things that are important for you to know. Solar panels are an excellent way to reduce your homes energy cost and your carbon footprint. And who doesn’t want free electricity?

But like all things, your new solar power system will require some maintenance to keep it working at its highest efficiency. Not to worry though, because solar panels are extremely durable and the upkeep on them is minimal.

Keep reading to learn everything about solar panel maintenance that you need to know!

Read Your Warranty

One of the great aspects of solar panels is that they have no moving parts, so the required maintenance is very little. And most solar systems come with extensive warranties.

Before checking on the panels yourself, take a look at your warranty and familiarize yourself with what it covers. Some manufacturers may cancel the warranty if any self-maintenance or cleaning is done. But most companies encourage you to do the cleaning yourself.

Keep Your Panels Clean

You want to make sure that your panels stay clear of any dirt or debris in order for them to get the most sunlight and perform their best. And depending on the climate that you live in, this can vary slightly.

For simple things like tree debris, birds, or just general dirt build up you can rise off your panels with a hose or use a leaf blower. If you live somewhere where it rains a lot, then you might only have to keep an eye on them since the rain will take care of most of the cleaning for you.

If you experience heavy snowfall on your panels you’ll want to blow it off with a leaf blower, wipe it off with a long-handled squeegee, or use lukewarm water to rise them off. When cleaning your panels you never want to use any sort of chemical cleaner, hot water, or rock salt because this can cause permanent damage.

Other Solar Panel Maintenance

By keeping your solar panels clean, they should last you around 25 years before any serious maintenance is needed.

Consider using a monitoring system to keep yourself up to date with how the solar system is performing. Many system warranties will guarantee that your system doesn’t fall below a certain level of energy output.

Monitoring can easily be done via your computer or smartphone and will also help to track what times of the day you are producing the most energy. This can be helpful to regulate your personal energy usages such as when is the best time to use your washing machine or dishwasher.

Solar panel monitoring systems are also able to notify you if there is a problem such as damage or a malfunction.

Take Care Of Your Solar Panels

By conducting regular solar panel maintenance you will keep your system working at its very best. Your solar panel system, if well taken care of, will last you a very long time with no serious issues or time-consuming maintenance.

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