California Pilots Project to Place Solar Panel Canopies Over Canals

A plan is underway to place solar panels over canals in California to generate gigawatts of solar power at an alarming rate. This is a first but could turn out to be a real solution to use renewable energy and power millions of households. Project Nexus is spending 20 million dollars to place solar panels over selected canals as proof of concept to initiate further development of the project. The solar panels hope to reduce water evaporation and improve the quality of the water by reducing vegetation as well as generating inexpensive renewable electricity. The project starts this Fall and continues through 2024. If successful, the natural electricity generated from these panels will be enough to power almost ten million California homes.

A professor of engineering at the University of California referenced a recent study which found that solar panels covering California’s canal system would save billions of gallons of water by reducing evaporation while producing renewable energy. These are the kind of steps responsible states need to take to convert to solar power. Summit Energy believes in preserving the environment while using our renewable natural resources to produce the energy we need. With solar power, the cost of energy is reduced and the environment is not affected.

Now is the time to support projects like these to bring renewable energy to the surface and use our natural resources to sustain us without depleting them. It is the only answer to securing a future that is not dependent on manmade resources destined to run out.

Join Summit Energy in supporting projects like these by considering solar panels for your home or business. Alternative energy sources are something we all must consider with the rising cost of electricity and the overworked grid. Switch to renewable energy with solar panels from your friends at Summit Energy.

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