6 Solar Energy Benefits for Commercial Buildings

Switching to solar power isn’t just about being green. There are many other advantages that come with going solar. It’s time to think smart and join the other American businesses that are investing record amounts in solar power.

Do you want to know why they’re doing this? Here are six solar energy benefits that will make you wonder why you hadn’t switched before now.

1. Government Incentives

Purchasing a solar power system is now far cheaper. That’s because the federal and state governments are offering great financial incentives.

Businesses which install a solar energy system are currently given a thirty percent tax credit on the costs involved in 2019. Although there’s no upper spending limit, the percentage of credit offered will reduce over the coming years. Now is, therefore, the best time to take advantage of the best tax breaks.

Some states also have their own rebate system to help reduce installation costs. Often the rebate increases with the size of the system. It may even be possible to exempt the value of a renewable energy source from property taxes.

2. Reduce Operating Costs

A solar energy system can decrease commercial operating costs. This is because utility charges could be significantly lower once you install solar panels. How much you save will depend on how many panels are installed and consumption levels.

Solar energy can also protect businesses from any unexpected volatility in the power markets. This helps to plan budgets more accurately and can lead to a more predictable balance sheet.

3. Great Reliability

Solar energy systems usually need very little maintenance provided they’re installed correctly. There is also no operating noise. Access to the roof in commercial buildings is often easier than in residential properties too.

Although individual solar cells are fragile, they are encased in protective materials. Solar panels are designed to withstand harsh weather and often come with very long warranties.

4. Raise the Property Value

Adding solar energy to your building can increase the property’s value and make it much more desirable. This means the building becomes an even more attractive investment.

Buyers will often be willing to pay a higher price for a property which is energy and more economically efficient.

5. Instant Positive Marketing

Having a great local reputation is good for any business. Installing a solar energy system will help you to stand out from the crowd. It acts as proof that you care about the environment. This can translate into great publicity for your business.

By displaying your green credentials in such a visible way, your customers will think of you as a responsible business. This can also lead to valuable exposure in the local media.

6. Clean and Efficient Energy

Solar energy is an infinite resource of clean power. That means you are not colluding with other sources of power that may be detrimental to the planet’s resources.

Systems come with a battery that allows you to store excess clean power produced while the sun shines. Your business can then draw on this during the night.

Solar Energy Benefits for All Businesses

Installing a solar power system is often simple. Solar energy benefits can mean dramatic financial savings for your business, allowing you to invest in a better future.

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