5 Essential Facts About Solar Panels

Solar panels have more benefits than people realize. When talking about solar power panels, most people know the concept behind it but don’t know why it is the best energy source to provide to your home or business. In order to fully understand why solar energy is the best option, you need to know what solar panels are and how the work.

1) Types of Solar Panels

Did you know that there are different types of solar panels? Each type of solar panel has a different way of capturing energy. The two most common types of solar panels are polycrystalline (blue) and monocrystalline (black).


The blue solar panels are made from silicon which is melted and poured giving it that blue speckled look. They are typically less efficient (15%) and require more space than the monocrystalline panels. They have a shorter life span because they are subject to overheating. Polycrystalline panels are recommended for use in the average home because of the price and energy output.


The black solar panels have a solid finish keeping the light from refracting which provides a direct source of energy. They have a high-power output due to their design and the how that the silicone is poured. The monocrystalline panels have a high efficiency rating, a longer life expectancy and take up less space. These panels are best for large businesses, large homes, or places where the standard polycrystalline solar panels will not fit. Although they are more expensive than the polycrystalline, the monocrystalline panels are worth every dollar.

2) Easy Maintenance

Maintaining your solar panels may seem easy and guess what, it is! Cleaning panels is as easy as washing your car. All it requires is a little soap, some water, and a smooth rag to gently scrub the solar panel surface. First spray with water, next use the rag with soap to wash, then rinse with water to remove all of the soap.

Solar panels should be inspected by a professional to make sure that they are running at an optimal efficiency. Although rare, a storm, animal, or other factors could have compromised the wires or the technology to convert the energy.

3) Efficiency and Professional Installment

Proper installation of panels impacts how much electricity is gleaned. A professional can help angle panels in the optimal position to capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Professional installment is incredibly easy to schedule and hire.

It is also important that panels are installed correctly to protect the integrity of your home/building. If installed incorrectly it could lead to damage of your roof, home, and/or newly purchased solar panels. Incorrect DIY installation can have some major side effects including water and structural damage.

4) Save Money and the Environment

Most if not all adults, would agree that energy bills are outrageously high. What if we told you that in just 20 years you could save $15,000!! Imagine the possibilities of how to spend that money.

Solar panels not only save you money they will also increase your property value. On average the same home with solar power is worth almost 2% more than a house without the clean energy system. More people are wanting to go green and adding panels will create an ever-growing market for your home.

Solar panels are better for the environment, in fact the average house pumps out 6.3 tons of carbon emissions. Solar panels would help to drastically decrease those numbers by providing clean renewable energy to any home that has them. Ultimately, whether you want to save money or the environment, solar panels are an investment that will be worth your while.

5) How they Work and Clean Energy

Solar panel technology works by allowing light energy into the silicone which knocks around photons in the panels and generates energy. The silicon in solar panels have a positive and negative layer which work together to create a battery-like circuit.

Solar energy is one of the primary clean energy sources, along with wind and water, and is practical for most people. Wind energy requires a wide open area with plenty of wind. Water energy requires a consistent supply of running water. Because the sun shines everywhere at some point in the day, solar panels provide an endless supply of clean energy.

Solar energy is a great alternative energy source that will help you save money and the world at the same time. In order to make sure that you are getting the right solar panels for your house visit Summit Energy.

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